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I couldn’t look at this and not translate some of the names. Well. Most of them.
Nahkahousut = Leather Pants
Pallivaha = Scrotewax (though technically this is archaic Finnish that refers to neither scrotums nor wax, but this is what it sounds like to a modern Finn)
Lemu = Stench
Hinthaara = Fagsfork/Fagsgroin (“haara” means both a fork in something and the crotch region of a person)
Sallittu = Permitted
Kuuma = Hot
Venäjä = Russia
Letku = Hose
Kaunaa = Grudge (indefinite form, so “some portion of grudge” would be more accurate)
Vasaroi = Hammers (as in “he hammers)
Riutta = Reef
Takaperä = Rearback
Pyttyvesi = Toilet Bowl Water
Hepovaara = Horsie Hill/Horsie Danger (“vaara” means both a type of hill and “danger”)
Homeperseensuo = Moldass’s Swamp
Pöljä = Dumbass
Alapitkä = Lower Long
Sälliperä = Bro Rear
Paisua = To Swell
Egypti = Egypt
Rannikko = Coast (check the location of this to see why it’s so funny)
Kapee = Narow
Koura = Large Hand
Myrkky = Poison
Tiukka = Tight
Housu = Pant (as in pants)
Vuoto = Leak
Varvas = Toe
Möykky = Lump
Pikku-Melanen = Small-Paddled (“paddle” is one of the many Finnish euphemisms for penis)
Iso-Kiimanen = Large-in-Heat (as in the heat of animals)
Vetelä = Sloppy
Paskalampinneva = Shitpondspoorfen
Iso Mällineva = Big Wad Poorfen
Kivesniemi = Testicle Peninsula (from this you can probably figure out that Kivesvaara = Testicle Hill/Testicle Danger and Kiveskylä = Testicle Village)
Punaperä = Redrear
Runkaus = Wank (well, one letter away from it)
Terska = Foreskin
Pikkumulkku = Smallprick (accompanied by Isomulkku, “Bigprick”)
Mulkkusaari = Prick Island (“naturally located on Testicle Lake”)
Saaranpaskantamasaari = Island-Which-Has-Been-Shat-By-Saara
Peräsuolijoki = Rectum River
Oranki = Orangutang
Vyöni = My Belt
Kiimamaa = Heatland
Kusipää = lit. Pisshead, figuratively more like “Dickhead”
Vitunviheltämäaapa = String Bog of the Whistling Cunt
Suurkovanselkä = Greathardsback
Kakkinen = Poopie (roughly)
Paskalomavaara = Shitvacationdanger
Kutusuvannonpää = Spawn-stream pool’s-end
It’s a beautiful country with a beautiful language.

there’s a book full of these (hopefully) 

by emily gggg

Austrian Gothic style bracelet,  c. 1870

Evening Sun on the McKenzie River
Lew Scholl

there’s a book full of these (hopefully)